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e-Commerce for Business

Timing is Everything

The question is no longer should you bring your business online, many of your competitors and new entrepreneurs are already doing business online. Web commerce is projected to mushroom to $600 billion this year 2007, therefore there is no better time than now to position your business for sustained growth.

While planning to bring your business online you will have a lot to consider. How should you go about positioning your business online? How is selling online different from traditional merchandising? Should you plan for real-time online ordering, credit verification and fulfillment? Who can best help you achieve your online objective?

Focus and Strategy

You have questions and we have the answers. E-commerce is about selling your products and services online. You would concentrate your efforts on products/service quality, marketing strategy, timely delivery and unmatched customer satisfaction. On our part, we will provide you with carefully designed, effective web site with easy-to-follow site navigation. In addition, we offer powerful shopping carte system for your online storefront, complete with secure transactions and robust technology.

The Next Step

If you have products to sell, whether you are selling a few items or many, or you simply have a service to promote, our e-commerce offerings will position your online business to succeed. The commerce service includes ShopSite or  Miva Merchant license, generous disk space and Gb/day traffic allowances.

We welcome an opportunity to be of service to your online business. Talk to us first!

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